We have studied reviewer’s comments carefully and have made revision which marked in red in the paper. The manuscript PAT-09-234 has been carefully revised and some new data were added in the revised text (please see Table 2), and the major revisions were marked in red. Answer: We accept the referee’s suggestion, the units for wavenumber have been labelled in the plot, please see the X-axis in Figure 1 in the revised manuscript. The explain was given in question 2, please see the answer to question 2 and the lines 5-14 on page 13 in the revised text. Answer: This comment was highly appreciated. Due to these reasons, the thermal stability of the prepared membranes was highlighted and the mechanical stability of the membrane was not reported in this manuscript. Consequently, we think it is not necessary to highlight membrane conductivity of the prepared negatively charged hybrid membranes and these data were not reported in this manuscript. Answer: These errors have been corrected and the related paragraph has been rewritten in the revised manuscript. For their applications in industry especially in environmental field, further work is thus required to optimize the membrane preparation process so as to highly elevate the IEC values of these hybrid membranes.

” should be “50oC”.

suggestions In our case, the prepared membranes expect to be used in environmental field, not be used to separate species by pressure, thus we mainly concern their thermal stability rather than their mechanical strength. This is because in this case we mainly concern the ion-exchange capacity rather than the proton conductivity. Q3. In Fig 2, the units for wavenumber should be shown in the diagram. Q4. Author should also include proposed applications for the reported membranes. ” should be “50oC”.   “人之初,性本善”。 ”. Fig 4 indicated that the gel time of 30%HBPSIEP/BCE at 160 oC is about 100min. if the resin has been cured in degassing process? Answer: We accept the referee’s suggestion, this error has been corrected in the revised manuscript. This would have been attractive feature of the manuscript. Nonetheless, for hybrid membranes potentially used in non-pressure operating condition, thermal stability may be more attractive in that they expects to be used in higher temperature and strongly oxidizing circumstances for industrial applications (as stated in the abstract). Q1. Authors reported negatively charged membrane but they did not studied membrane conductivity, which is essential property to asses, the suitability of charged membrane. Answer: As the referee’s comment pointed out, membrane conductivity is really the essential property to evaluate the suitability of charged membrane, especially for their applications in fuel cells.

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Answer: As the referee’s comment pointed out, the ion-exchange capacities (IECs) of the prepared membranes were relatively lower. Answer: As the referee’s comment pointed out, good mechanical stability of a membrane can conduce to its application especially for its use in industrial separation by pressure. Consequently, hybridization technique is used to increase the membrane’s mechanical and stability. But author failed to include any information on the mechanical stability of the membrane. Geneally speaking, organic membrane has lower mechanical strength and stability, it can not meet the need of separation in industry. We appreciate the detailed and useful comments and suggestions from you and referees. Except selling products,we pay attention to after-sales service also.we will provide best plan and suggestions on application method ,dosage and so on according your local situation. As the referee’s comment suggested,when the membrane properties are greatly improved, their applications in industry will be further investigated. We believe this problem will be solved with the further improvement on membrane properties and optimization of operational parameters. The main purpose of this manuscript is to develop new preparation technique of negatively charged hybrid membranes.在柳如梦的游说下,终于同意了跟柳如梦一起在酒店坐台(卖艺不卖身)。

記得台北高雄酒店經紀強尼初次到香格里拉了解環境時,其細緻奢華的裝潢、華貴精緻的走道、美輪美奐的迴廊、耳邊傳來遠處悠揚的鋼琴伴奏聲音,讓強尼彷彿成為歐洲城堡的公爵,渾身充滿了貴族氣息!它的位置在台北市中山區林森北路381號11樓,大廳寬敞,走道跟包廂跟各大KTV類似。   类似小李这样我行我素的人还有很多,他们往往只考虑自己的,而从来不顾及他人的感受,使他人陷入尴尬、为难的境地,最后的结果就是被朋友疏远。最佳东方点评:作为酒店人,庞大的朋友圈还是必须的,只有多顾及他人感受,朋友圈才能越来越大。

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而附設的人間仙境會館彩大理石系高級裝潢,是高級商務人士喜愛的洽商地點。當你有了正確的工作態度,你才會為工作而付出,懂得學習包裝、打扮自己,加強自己的說話技巧,爭取每一個可以讓自己茁壯的機會,並在工作時吸收客人成功之道,一步一步邁向自己成功的未來! 8、思路決定出路,腦袋決定口袋有什麼樣的思路,就有什麼樣的出路,你做出什麼樣的思考,就有什麼樣的收入。其他的青蛙都想知道,牠是怎麼做到的?男子第一次坐公务舱,怎料碰到了熟人,男子瞬间惊呆了!