Thus will influence their applications as adsorbent for the removal of heavy metal ions from water. When the membrane properties are improved and ideal IECs are obtained, their adsorption behaviors for removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions will be further investigated, which will be our future job. For their applications in industry especially in environmental field, 酒店上班薪水 further work is thus required to optimize the membrane preparation process so as to highly elevate the IEC values of these hybrid membranes. We believe this problem will be solved with the further improvement on membrane properties and optimization of operational parameters. The point-by-point answers to the comments and suggestions were listed as below. Nonetheless, for hybrid membranes potentially used in non-pressure operating condition, 酒店打工 酒店經紀 dcard 深卡 thermal stability may be more attractive in that they expects to be used in higher temperature and strongly oxidizing circumstances for industrial applications (as stated in the abstract). Q3. A membrane should have good mechanical stability for its applications. 2) Please accept our thanks for the trouble you have taken. Answer: We accept the referee’s suggestion, the units for wavenumber have been labelled in the plot, 酒店打工 please see the X-axis in Figure 1 in the revised manuscript.


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